Shipping infrastructure for your enterprise

purplship is a modern, open source shipping platform built for developers

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Unified platform

A fully integrated suite of shipping product

Empowered operations

Use the purplship web app to process orders accross carriers

Empowered developers

Integrate multiple shipping carrier services with one API

Empowered community

Our open-source platform gives you the flexibility to innovate while collaborating

Automate your logistics processes

Shipping API

Get live rates and buy labels from a network of carriers.

Tracking API

Retrieve real-time shipment tracking details.

Address Validation API

Ensure addresses are valid to avoid frustrations.

Shipping enabled across industries and use cases

INDUSTRY eRetail Process fulfillments for orders received online for your customers and replicate the ease of in-store experience

INDUSTRY Freight With a single integration, get access to a network of carriers for your LTL, FTL and all Freight services

INDUSTRY Healthcare Access a network of logistics providers expert in temperature-sensitive and time-critical shipments

USE CASE eCommerce Deliver a modern shopping experience to your customers on par with the new standard

USE CASE ERP Empower your order processing and supply chain management modules with a shipping API

USE CASE 3PL Enhance your fulfilment capabilities with the power of automation through API

Designed for developers

The most modern and easy-to-use APIs.

We tackle the challenging integration abstraction so that your team doesn't have to.

Integrate, Automate and Control your logistics processes for your ERP, OMS, WMS, TMS, 3PL system, eCommerce and Marketplace.

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import purplship
purplship.api_key = 'key_19707922d97cef7a5d5e17c331ceeff66f226660'



How it works


Sign Up or install your self-managed cloud shipping API.


Leverage purplship's simple API to rate, ship and track shipments.


purlplship handles shipments volumes and complexities at scale.

One platform - multiple carriers

Give your team a head start and deploy your dedicated shipping service

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