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Connecting shippers and apps to a network of carriers

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Integrate, Automate and Control.

Multi-carrier API

Integrate with one or multiple shipping carriers services speaking one language. purplship offers a unified way of getting live rates, buying labels, scheduling pickups, validate addresses and exchange documents for your shipments.


Your customer's needs, the contents of your shipping requests - Saas services know more about your business than you do. In contrast, purplship provides the benefits of modern shipping integration without sacrificing privacy.

Open Source

An open core platform means your team retains control over the service’s technical roadmap and your team is free to develop additional features without restriction.

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INDUSTRY Trucking and Freight With a single integration, get access to a network of carriers for your LTL, FTL and all Freight services.

INDUSTRY Ecommerce and retailers Deliver a modern shopping experience to customers with live rates for all budget, shipment tracking, returns and more from last-mile couriers for local deliveries and international carriers for cross-border shipping needs.

INDUSTRY Healthcare Delays, errors and inefficiencies can jeopardize care and strain tight resources. Access a network of logistics providers expert in monitoring, protect and intervene for temperature-sensitive, time-critical and high-value shipments through to final delivery.

Designed for developers

The most modern and easy-to-use APIs.

We tackle the challenging integration abstraction so that your team doesn't have to.

Integrate, Automate and Control your logistics processes for your ERP, OMS, WMS, TMS, eCommerce and Marketplace.

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import purplship
purplship.api_key = '19707922d97cef7a5d5e17c331ceeff66f226660' = 'https://instance.purplship.api/v1'



How it works


Choose your preferred Purplship deployment mode.


Leverage Purplship's simple API to rate, ship and track shipments.


Purlplship handles shipments volumes and complexities at scale.

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